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Almost 90% of students at JAMS have empathy for the students targeted in a bullying incident.  The school-wide anti-bullying program aims to equip these caring students with skills to become a defender of peers facing bullying. The Bullying Circle illustrates the different roles in bullying incidents including the role of defender.




Check out the video by clicking here- JAMS Bullying Student PSA


At JAMS we C.A.R.E


As part of our Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) program at Addams Middle School we focus on promoting Civility, Achievement, Empathy and Resilience (CARE) school-wide.


Our school-wide efforts teaching resilience and empathy are included on two additional pages in the counseling section.

E for Empathy


The staff at Jane Addams Middle School believes that all students should feel safe and comfortable attending school everyday. Our  integration of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program demonstrates our commitment preventing bullying.   Below is information about the program and completed activities/ lessons.


  • Jane Addams Anti-Bullying Rules

o   We will not bully others

o   We will try to help students who are bullied

o   We will try to include students who are left out

o   If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.

  • Activities and lessons implemented
  • Started the year with a lesson about the negative effects of bullying.  This lesson occurred during the physical education seminar.
  • Students created collages expressing the importance of bullying prevention.  Collages stating “Don’t Bully Me Because….” are posted in classes throughout the school.
  •  Jane Addams Leadership Class organized Mix It Up Day .   Over 500 students met and ate lunch with a peer outside their friendship group.  The goal of the event is to help students break down social boundaries created by cliques.
  •  Students created Public Service Announcements about the importance of bystanders helping individuals targeted in a bullying incident.
  • Students watched the Kaiser Permanente Theatre  group’s performance of an anti-bullying play.  The theatre group returned for another performance this past September.
  •  Students participated in a lesson focused on describing what makes an interaction bullying.  This included identifying the difference between bullying incidents and joking among friends. 
  • Students participated in a lesson focused on developing empathy.  In addition to defining empathy, describing the role empathy plays in a bullying situation, students identified ways to show empathy toward one another.
  • Students participated in a lesson focused on courage.  Class discussion helped students recognize and describe opportunities to show courage and respond to bullying and demonstrate a range of options to respond to bullying situations courageously.
  • Students participated in a lesson focused on what to say to help stop a bullying situation.
  • The program kicked off with all students participating in the Crumpled Paper Lesson.  The lesson illustrates the permanent impact bullying has on the target. 

R for Resiliency



In our motto At Addams We C.A.R.E, the R represents Resiliency.  We know that the middle school years present a variety of challenges and set-backs.  We aim to provide students with an understanding of what is resiliency, help equip them with resiliency skills and recognize examples of resiliency on our campus.


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